Art Omi Artist residency

Omi international Arts Center, Ghent, New York, USA
July 2009

ArtOmi challenged me with a new wet climate and all the insects and reptiles I could imagine.
I wanted to create works with natural materials in response to this humid open space.
That it is why I created a stone and sand work. The viewer is invited to come inside the studio, follow the path and look at the window piece:
A Lighthouse of snakes and through the window: nature.
The work on the floor contains graphic images of Omi surroundings.The first salt layer symbolizes the border where nature ends and my studio begins.
The work on the wall is made of grass (collected from the Omi grounds). It reflects what I felt while working at Omi: being on a deserted island surrounded by a sea of snakes.

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Surrounded by snakes, 2009 (Custom)Lighthouse of snakes, 2009 (Custom)090719_OpenDay_0123 (Custom) 090715_Liat Livni_0001 (Custom) IMG_4026-1 (Custom)Untitled, 2009 (Custom)