Artist Statement

I am an Israeli artist, a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design BFA and MFA programmes. My home studio is in Bat-Yam, Israel. I have participated in seven artist-in-residence programmes, and have held many workshops for children and adults on subjects related to my art. My work has been displayed in many exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

In general, my art examines the relationships between nature and the urban environment; specifically relationships between landscapes and architecture, arts and crafts, and what is man-made versus what is machine-made. Through continuous exploration in residencies around the world, I specialize in using local materials and dynamic sources for inspiration.

The works in my recent solo exhibition “Lotus in the Backyard”, are a product of site-specific research and practice that explore the relationship between Kibbutz HaZorea (Israel), which houses the Wilfrid Israel Museum, and the East Asian art displayed in it. The works were inspired by the local materials and landscapes, drawing parallels between them and Asian art.

With meticulous manual work, I create images that are full of formative and cultural contrasts. Emptied of its realistic volume, the image creates an iconic language that unites the different layers. Like a culture alchemist who fuses art with life, works with everyday materials, and brings together seemingly distant cultures.

See “Lotus in the Backyard” catalog